These Spanish waters have never borne a boat like the brand new XO 250 before. It is beautiful, sporty and sleek. Rivera takes as much as six people on a pleasurable exploration of Mallorca’s southern coastline. Power and build cannot have a better combination than the Evinrude 250hp G2 outboard paired with the aluminium hull- you better be ready for an exciting ride. Its design even has the sun lovers in mind, offering a folding sunbed at the rear for a chance to stretch and get some comfort. Rivera is an exclusive day boat with a comfortable design that accommodates up to six people at a time. It can move with speeds well over 40 knots. It has a graphite hull and esthec deck that gives you the balance you need when you want to get noticed. Thanks to the lightweight hull; performance is very great. Fuel economy also gets outstanding with the Evinrude G2 outboard.

Price (€ per day) Low: 450.00
Price (€ per day) Mid: 580.00
Price (€ per day) High: 590.00
Length 7,52 m
Sleeps: 2